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How this site came about...

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

2020 has been a challenge for all of us. Some more than others, and we are on the fortunate side. But it has impacted my commercial photography business and I have been inspired by those that have adapted and even accelerated their businesses in spite of the pandemic. One example is an excellent chef I do photography for has taken her business from in person cooking classes to virtual and it has been the perfect pivot for the times. So inspired by her and others I decided I would be remiss not to do my own "covid project" and use the time to do something I have been asked to do over the years and that is to make some of my images available so people can get prints for their home, office, or business. I've hesitated in the past as I did not want to distract/dilute from my commercial photograhy brand by putting a bunch of art along side it. I knew it would take a separate site and marketing to a separate audience. 7 Eleven is not going to care bout my travel photos. But my FB friends and Instagram followers have asked me about buying prints. SO why not try to recover some of the lost commercial revenue with art.

So, art. What do I know about it? Well I have works in local galleries and have been invited to be featured by the local Convention and Visitors Bureau for their installations. So I dabble. At the same time I can't deny that I use art in my work every day. In many cases it is what sets my commercial work apart and gets me gigs photographing models in c-stores drinking Slurpees. I think it also comes in handy when shooting architecture which is a primary passion for me.

So the above is one of my favorite architecture photos I've taken to date. But I was not assigned to take this picture. I was working an event in the next building and between shoots I decided to take a break and walk out from the lobby of the hotel. I had my Fujifilm X-100F travel camera with me and darned if it was not one of those perfect evenings for shooting. Boom... Apple building in Austin, TX. Hand held. Standing in the parking lot. It seems as a working professional I am very prepared to get lucky when it happens. So why not take advantage of the ten thousand hours I have put into photography to create, share, and sell some art.

And here we are. I now have an outlet for things that don't belong or help with marketing myself as a commercial photographer. Which might amount to something. Let me know what you think. You can drop me a line here or on the social media links. Thanks for dropping by.

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